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The Situation

We are on the brink of winning our collective campaign to get the refugee children trapped on Nauru to safety.

Right now, the Federal government is detaining 38 children on Nauru. Many of them are traumatised, their mental and physical health is deteriorating. Some have attempted to take their own lives. Others have stopped talking, eating, drinking and are not even leaving their beds. Children deserve an education, to play and to be free. Children deserve a childhood and be safe from harm. These children cannot hold on for two more months. Their mental health deteriorates every day them remain trapped.

The government has said that it’s going to finally remove these children but Prime Minister, Scott Morrison has to accept that this is an emergency and remove ALL children now.

The government must stop stalling. It has the power to bring all these children back now and must do so.

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Our Impact

We are working tirelessly with other partner organisations to ensure our political leaders know “Enough is enough”, it is time to get Kids Off Nauru.

We have mobilised over 15,000 people to pressure the government, we have taken trips to Canberra to meet with politicians, we have produced a joint report detailing the horrors on Nauru, we made a video with parents across Australia and campaigned tirelessly in the Wentworth by-election to make sure Kids Off Nauru became an election issue.

We are so close, but we need your help. These last 30 days before Universal Children’s Day are the most critical.

We need all the resources we can to send a message to him that he must act.

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